This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something from his dreams awaits.

Cop Doctors

Justin Case, and Justin Time are the Cop Doctors. Cops by day, doctors by night. 

The Horror Play Podcast

John, Robert, Adam, Kyle, and Tyler are some guys who like a good scare. Together, they are on a search for the scariest game ever made. Each episode features four of the five guys who rate and review a specific game and decide whether it ranks among the greats or barely makes an impact on the scare factor.

Horror Play Ratings List

Dopple Avenue Hurt

Follow the adventures of detective James Keyes as he cracks some of the toughest cases Brentwood Heights has to offer. His efforts constantly hindered by a cast of characters, and absurd situations. Dopple Avenue Hurt combines elements of comedy and film noir into one amazing podcast. 

Shark Dropper Podcast

Kyle, Robert, John, and the occasional guest talk about everything and anything. While the Shark Dropper podcast is often used as a hub to connect and discuss all of the upcoming Shark Dropper projects, it doesn’t take long before the guys get off topic and start improving and/or discussing movies, music, food, and life in general. Shark Dropper is a weekly podcast.

Word Of The Bay

Kyle, Nick, and Jonathan get together on this weekly podcast to discuss current topics in the realm of sports. Many times they tend to deviate from the subject but thats all right, its considered a sports podcast. Don’t miss out as they rate quarterbacks, talk about their hatred for big market teams, and make their bold predictions. 

Shark Dropper's Top 5

Shark Dropper's Top Five podcast features host Jonathan, along with John, Robert, and occasionally a fourth guest, listing their Top Five in everything from athletes, to movies, to bands we hate. We rank our Top Five of a given subject and debate why our list is better than any other. We COULD list the top five reasons why you should listen to this podcast, but instead, just take our word for it. 

Movies Films and Flix

Movies, Flms, and Flix is a one stop shop for all things movies. We dive into the minutia of cinema. We tackle the big issues like "What is Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirt?" and "Who is the best worst movie monster?" Listen, Share, Enjoy. 

End Of All Hope

A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.


Join Robert and John as they watch every Academy Award Best Picture nominee for a given year, and discuss whether the nominations were warranted.